Frequently asked questions about keratopigmentation

Change eye color in Paris

Keratopigmentation costs 7,000 euros including tax for both eyes.

In case of 2nd dye a supplement of 1000 euros may be applied

Today, no serious complications have been reported (based on 1200 patients and with more than 10 years of follow-up), no corneal infection or loss of vision.

The only adverse effects observed (dryness or dazzling) mainly occur in the first weeks and resolve over time.

Keratopigmentation is permanent but fades over time to regain the initial color and intensity; it is sometimes necessary to carry out a touch-up.

On average, the first touch-ups are carried out after a few years (3 to 5 years).

Yes, it is possible to carry out the examinations on Wednesday morning and the surgery on Wednesday afternoon.

The price of the touch-up for keratopigmentation is 2,500 euros including tax.

It is possible to make a total of 3 touch-ups.

The intervention takes place in PARIS at the Lamartine clinic 80 rue spontini 75116 PARIS on Wednesday afternoons or Monday mornings.

You should allow approximately 2 hours on site.

Recovery is rapid.

Return home is possible approximately 2 hours after arrival at the clinic and resumption of daily activities the next morning, only the swimming pool is contraindicated for the first week.

It is recommended to arrive in Paris at the latest in the morning (ideally the day before), to take the exams, then the procedure takes place in the afternoon.

Spend the night in Paris and check the day after the procedure.

The intervention takes place at the Lamartine clinic in the 16th arrondissement of Paris usually on Wednesday afternoons

The procedure itself is not painful due to local anesthesia using eye drops.

However, in the hours that follow, patients may feel tingling while the corneal surface heals.

The dyes used are from the neoris or biotic brand which are to date the only 2 laboratories to have obtained CE marking.

DR MAILLON has access to all the dyes from these laboratories.

It is not recommended to perform Keratopigmentation after having had LASIK.

In fact, there is a significant risk of diffusion of the dye into the LASIK interface, which makes the result much more uncertain.

Resumption of daily activities is possible the day after the procedure.

Only the swimming pool is contraindicated the first week.

Keratopigmentation takes place under topical anesthesia (with drops) and lasts approximately 30 minutes, then you can return home one hour later.

Return home or to the hotel one hour later.

Check the next morning with the surgeon.

Eye drops to instill for a month (an antibiotic for 15 days and artificial tears for a month).

In some cases, slight hyperopia can be observed.

This is why if you wear glasses, it is recommended to carry out a refraction check one month after the operation.

No, it is preferable to first carry out Keratopigmentation then laser vision surgery 3 months later using the PKR technique rather than LASIK.

The minimum age for keratopigmentation to be performed is 21 years old.

The laser used is the VISUMAX laser from Zeiss, the only one capable of performing corneal keratopigmentation in the best conditions.

Contraindications are detected during the pre-operative consultation (corneal dystrophy, keratoconus, cataract, LASIK surgery, etc.)

It is possible to carry out a simulation before the procedure by going to the NEORIS website for its 3 dyes with different intensities: low, medium and high.